5/12-5/14 – Germany – Garmisch and Mad King Ludwig

Jesse and Paige had a nice plan to accompany us to a place they had not been either. The weather threatened to be cold and rainy as we set out Friday morning for Garmisch with the plan to see Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen.  The drive through the Alps was astounding! Such beauty and majesty with castles sprinkled all along the way.

We took a tour which included stops at a wood-carvers shop.

We stopped at a country Church where a famous statue of Jesus is located.

Here is the church.They say the Jesus statue cries tears.

At last we arrived at the castle. Only four rooms are finished inside. No pictures allowed.

Beautiful view from the long climb up to the castle.


Judah enjoyed freedom of wandering in the square in Garmisch

Flowers to smell and running water to play in.

More Alps outside our windows.

We ate some German food.

Judah found some play activities.

Castles all along the way.

Our adventure was over Sunday and with the start of rain in the Alps, we headed back to Vicenza. It was a lovely time with our son and family. They are such amazing people!


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