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Me and my grandson at kindergarten graduation 2014
Me and my grandson at kindergarten graduation 2014

Let me introduce myself.   My name is Jane Kershaw.  This website was built for me by my son, who is an awesome internet guru.   On this site, I plan to move some of the essays I’ve written in the past, including stuff I’ve saved on Evernote, MySpace, Facebook and Blogger.  In a way, it’s kind of egotistical to even do such a thing and feels foreign to me, I being an introvert by nature.  But blogging and all the other social networking devices are egotistical, aren’t they?  I just remember a quote from a child in my past – when he noticed he was not being paid attention to at the moment, he grabbed the face of his grandmother and said “Be looking at me all the time!”  Isn’t that human nature?  We are all a bit selfish and self-centered from birth!  Even if we cover it up with massive exhibitions of altruism!

I have 5 children, 4 by birth and 1 by inheritance.  They are, of course, all brilliant, since they were birthed and/or influenced by me and my values.  (Now if that wasn’t egotistical, I don’t know what is!) I would say that I am incredibly lazy.  That laziness has driven me to work really hard all my life to stay in the game.  I am not a super impulsive person, and tend to research ad nauseum before I make a decision.   The biggest most impulsive decision I ever made was getting married to my present husband!   (That turned out to be a good move for me, but it could have been a disaster!)

I plan on enjoying my laziness later.  Probably when I’m 80 or 90 or 100.

I have worked as a department store clerk, a secretary, a customer service agent, a computer work station grunt, a nurse’s aide, a nurse in several different fields, and finally a lactation consultant and department manager.  I am a graduate of Miami-Dade College and Trevecca Nazarene University.  My hobbies are music, writing, reading, gardening, experimental cooking, sewing, dancing and art.  I have taken up line dancing and oil painting in the last year and find them lots of fun.  I don’t really care for the taste of alcohol so I’m a wussy drinker.  I don’t really care for games of any kind because I really am not a good competitor.  That’s because I don’t like to lose.  And that leads me to the most important thing to know about me.

Because I don’t like to lose, I decided to lose on purpose, many years ago.  I lost my burden of guilt at the Cross.   In exchange, I was given a hunger and thirst for righteousness.   Since I couldn’t gain any righteousness on my own, I received Christ’s righteousness as mine and He took my sins as His and they were nailed to the Tree on which He died over 2000 years ago.  As He was raised from the dead, so my life was given back to me to live for Him.  I don’t always follow Him perfectly, I don’t always obey perfectly, but I rest in the security of His sufficient sacrifice that has given me a place of honor in His kingdom.  Someday that will be changed from a positional to an actual state.   So what difference has this made in my life?

I have lived through some disappointments – but not given up.  I have been able to receive truth without becoming depressed.  I see that there is a real need for balance.  And I’m going to talk about some of those points in my essays.   I might not have it all just right – because God’s ways are mysterious and above my understanding.  For those situations, trust is important.  I have supreme trust in the God who gave His life for me.

So welcome to my website!  Enjoy what I put up here.


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