Art Gallery

This page is to demonstrate and preserve a record of progress as I learn how to express myself through art.

This was my first instructional painting.  I plan to cover this and try again!


This was my second painting.  My intent here was to preserve the memory of the home hubby and I built for our kids. IMG_0202

This next painting was of a special place.  I love lighthouses and try to climb them whenever I can.  I just love the views.  This one is in North Carolina above Kill Devil Hills.  We visited in 2013.IMG_1896

This picture is of Niagara Falls from the same road trip we took in 2013.


This next painting is of the the Grand Canyon. We visited my best friend in 2012 and took a trip there.  Awesome, spectacular!IMG_1948

This next painting is from a trip we took to the gulf coast in 2015.  IMG_1981

And this one is also from the same trip. Pensacola Bay outside one of our favorite restaurants.


This is a painting I did to celebrate my Dad.  It is called “Remembering Dad”. This painting was a gift for my mom.IMG_2796

And this is a still life assignment.   Titled “Communion”.IMG_2833