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Lying here beside you,
The stillness of your body
Reminds me that our time is short.

Sometimes I forget in the heat of the day
That life is just a fleeting breath.

I want to cherish the moments while they’re here
Shouts and kisses and anger and joy
All the passion, frustration, peace we’ve shared
Bound up in memories that are ours alone to keep.

Sometimes I pause and dry a tear
Grieving for me, for you,
For the separation that must come some day.

Clinging to the hope that only Christ can give
The joy we’ll know when we meet again.

Jane 2024


When I look back

Upon the dim and distant past,

I see only scenes,

Brief moments with such significance.

Words were said, decisions made:

Eternal consequences.

So casually the world collapsed

And another began to grow.

Volcanoes erupted,

Words said that can’t return,

A fire that scorched and burned,

With ashes, its memory.

I sit now in my garden

The soil rich from ash grown cold.

Sometimes I wonder

What might have been.

But the flowers that bloom

Smell so sweet.

I can’t begrudge

The tiny thorn that sometimes pricks.

And I comfort my heart

When my tears would flow

With promises of

The angel’s song.



Spring Mourning

Full moon, soft breeze
Owls calling softly in the woods below:
It’s spring.
But no more springs for you.
Tears flow, heart breaks
For all the might have beens
That never will.

A month has passed
And time moves on
But my heart can’t.

An empty place
A soft depression
Reminders that
You are gone.

I know that life will come around
Laughter will return
And tears grow softer

But your place will forever be


And now it’s fall
The leaves reflect my spirit
I’ve changed the flowers on your resting place
I hope you notice that I still care.

I’ve come to see the wisdom
In your leaving
Perhaps for you, the best had already been.
Perhaps the dreams you had were no longer attainable

I have to trust that God knew best
And you are blooming now
In a far more wonderful garden.

I know that I will see you soon
And whatever that time frame may seem,
It will only be a blink, a breath, a turn just down the road
And all sorrow will disappear.



Many start out on this race
A crown of victory in view
Focusing on the distant goal,
Strapping on their running shoes
Some have trained and planned the course
Others have come in late
Perhaps inspired by the hopes for the prize,
The value of which is great
Some are drawn in by their friends
Not wanting to be left behind.
Others count the price to be paid.
These are the staying kind.
The people who will win this race
Are those who look ahead
Who pace themselves and stay on track
Whom by the Spirit are led.
And when the finish line appears
And they receive the crown for the race they've run
They'll gladly lay it at the Master's feet
In gratitude for what He's done.

Jane 2018

Firsts and Lasts

The first time I held you in my arms
The first time your eyes saw mine
The first steps you took, your first smile and first tooth
Your very first day at school.

I remember them all with tears and with smiles
Those days will never come back.
I cherish them and remember some well
With photos and papers and keepsakes.

But I remember too some bittersweet lasts,
Though they’re not written in your book
They aren’t quite as clear and sometimes I missed them
In the demands of the everyday pace.

The last time I read you a bedtime story
The last time we said your prayers
The last time you kissed me when you left the car
The last time I signed a card.

The last time I wiped away a tear of pain,
The last time we spoke harsh words
The last time you packed up your belongings
To move to your very own place.

My motherhood role has been folded away
I will never wear it again.
Our places are changed and our dreams are all full
Of remembrances instead of hopes.

But the new hope I have is an unspoken one
That the memories we keep will be real
And the love that formed the foundation we have
Will last through the years that remain.

And when we say our last goodbye
The tears that you shed will be sweet
For you’ll know that I will be watching you
Till we meet again in God’s arms.

Jane 2007