A Year Ago

A year ago, my eyes were opened to your distress

I saw a you Iā€™d never seen before-

Lost, alone, bereft,

The light gone from your eyes.

And I could not reach you ā€“ no matter how I pled

A year ago, I saw your path

And fell to my knees begging God ā€“ 

To shine the light on you

To lead you out

To show you truth

To save you.

Three times you fell

And struggled back.

And then you left.

I never heard your voice again.

Oh my son,

I weep because I will never see your face again.

I weep for the end.

I weep for the day when I will see you once more.

And know that you are safe.

And I will weep no more.

Jane 2017

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