Vicenza to Venice 5/16-17/2017 – Last Tour

We rested on Monday and packed for our return to USA. Our last tour planned was to Venice. Venice is not a super kid-friendly place, so Judah went to school for the day.

We walked to the train on Tuesday and took the local to Venice. When we got off the train, this is what we saw.

Venice has a lot of water. Lots of surrounding islands too.  We took a water bus to the Island of Murano, where glass is made and blown into all sorts of items, beads, sculptures, decorative glass ware etc.

Getting around in Venice.

Water bus

Packed in like sardines is the way of life.

Traveled to Murano.

Our beautiful, patient daughter-in-love Paige (with Baby Cooper in tow).

Wearing my souvenir from Venice.

We made it to St. Mark’s Square.

Romantic views – but it’s time to go home.

And then once again back to Vicenza.



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