Arriving Vicenza 5/3/17

After a slight misadventure in the Atlanta airport (went to the wrong terminal and had to back-track, passport got stuck in the security scanner), we made it on our plane for the ride to New Jersey. Found our connecting flight and then off to the next connecting flight – to Munich. We had a four hour layover.We have arrived in Munich. After wandering a bit, we caved and found a McDonald’s for breakfast. Yea, I know. Chickens. But we are really afraid of getting lost and we’ve had to ask multiple times to get this far. Praying we get in the right plane for Venice. I must say, we haven’t met a single unkind person along the way through our airport adventures. God has been good. And we see here are a lot of nice people in the world. With coffee and eggs in our bellies, we are ready to move on.
We arrived in Venice on Wednesday morning but here is the reason we came! Hi Judah!

Off to the Airport

May 2  Well, here we are. Off to the airport. Fantastic time visiting my sister and hubby in Atlanta. How wonderful it is to spend time with others who are believers. No awkwardness of conversation. We are loaded up like camels for the journey but it is all good!

First Time on Marta!

The Italian Adventure begins

Our kids moved to Italy in January of 2016, taking our precious grandson with them (of course). It has been quite the adventure but with the aid of FaceTime (thanks to Apple phones), and a few visits from our daughter-in-law and grandson and son (mostly due to deaths in the family), we have been able to stay in their lives. Thank God for the internet! But it was our hope that we would be able to make a trip to their current home and see the country where our next grandchild will be born a citizen.
The planning started not long after they departed the USA. I was able to find reasonably priced airline tickets to Venice. Next to plan adventures for Ron and me, some with them and some alone (who needs to Rome multiple times?). By January of this year, all the arrangements were made for our great adventure. What follows post by post is our tale of travel.
The tickets are in our hands. American money swapped for Euros. Reservations made for tours and train tickets. AirBNBs and hotels reserved. Suitcases packed and clothes laid out. This bucket trip is going to happen. Hope I can blog as I go. Venice, Rome and Florence here we come! But even more important, Jesse, Paige and Judah – we will see you in a couple of days! Ciao!